Young Living Oils…Use What You Have

by Teresa Smith on September 26, 2013

YLEOGroup2 300x300 Young Living Oils...Use What You HaveI love my Young Living essential oils. I’ve always been told… Use what you have. You may ask, what does that really mean. Well, the oils all have certain properties and are beneficial for certain uses. There’s a great book called ‘The Essential Oil Desk Reference’  which is a wonderful reference for oils and their uses. I’ve always been told that Lavender was beneficial for the skin. It’s also very useful in burns and bug bites. Several weeks ago I was getting my hair cut and colored. The assistant accidentally burned her finger. I looked in my purse and knew I didn’t have any Lavender. I did have Believe which is a blend of several oils. I use it as a perfume. I have for years, so I keep it in my purse.   I gave the Believe to Brooke and she put it on the burn. Within minutes, the pain was gone. I had no idea Believe would work so quickly at relieving her pain. What does my desk reference say?  ”Helps to release the unlimited potential everyone possesses, making it possible to more fully experience health, happiness, and vitality. Restores feelings of hope”. Anything about pain relief?  Nope. Did it help Brooke with her pain?  Yep.

Last week I was at an office. A friend came down the hall and asked if I had anything for pain relief. She was experiencing a headache. I told her I didn’t really get headaches and had nothing like ibuprofen with me. I did look through my purse and found my Believe. I knew Peppermint was great for rubbing on the temples and inhaling when you have a headache, but I didn’t have any Peppermint.  What did I do?  I used what I had, the Believe.  I had her inhale Believe and rub it on her temples. Almost instantly, the headache went away.

I always carry around my ‘go to’  oils. My purse usually contains Thieves, DiGize, and  Believe. I found that the statement… ‘use what you have’ to be very true. In both situations, the Believe was useful. It made a believer out of me. So do I hesitate in assisting someone when I don’t have the exact oil for the job. No. I do however stand by the statement ‘Use what you have’, and in the future… I will continue to do so. Young Living Oils… You Rock!

Blessings throughout your week

 Young Living Oils...Use What You Have
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