Words Have Power

by Teresa Smith on March 27, 2013

BeliefsHeal442 300x225 Words Have PowerYou may have noticed the “ I Am “ statements I post daily on Facebook. You may also just take them for granted, like what it says, enjoy my pretty pictures. There are several stories behind the “ I Am “ project as I call it.  A year ago, I decided it would be beneficial to make positive statements for myself. I did this for 40 days. Each day I creatively wrote an I Am statement on a board, took a picture, and posted it on my personal page on Facebook. I had several people join in and do their own daily posts. It was fun. It was helpful. That was story number one.

Story number two came about when a wonderful friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer. From a holistic standpoint, I know that dis-ease and disease can be caused by stuck emotions, beliefs, and thoughts about ourselves, our world, and how we interact.  For Christmas, I gave my friend a collage of my photos with I Am statements somewhere on the photo.

I’ve collected several books over the years that talk about emotions and physical ailments. One is Feelings Buried Alive Never Die… by Karol K. Truman. Chapter 17 contains a list of feelings that we all may have felt at one time or another.  Opposite of those feelings are words of truth. For example, we may have been or feel Abandoned. Truth is, we are Cherished, Upheld, Precious, Cared For.  The book states that when you feel abandoned, make statements such as “I Choose, I Feel, I Am Cherished”.

There is power in our thoughts. There is power in our words. To say “I choose to be cherished, I feel cherished, I Am cherished” is powerful. Choosing positive words to speak over our lives and the lives of others is empowering. When you read the statement above, how did you feel… cherished, special, happier? I guarantee you didn’t feel sad. John 8:32 states … “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” In certain techniques that I use, like TAT®, you choose a positive outcome concerning the  session.That particular step was added about a year ago. I think it makes a huge difference in the outcome of the sessions. Become aware of what you are speaking, thinking. Choose the truth over the lies.

We need to start speaking truth into our lives. The world may tell us who it thinks we are and we may begin to believe it. However, we need to start believing the truth, speaking the truth to ourselves and our loved ones. Words have vibration, words have energy. What are words are you speaking over yourself.

The next time you notice one of my “I Am” posts on Facebook, don’t just ignore it. Choose it, feel it, resonate with it. If it’s difficult to state… state it over and over, until it becomes easier.  Truth is, You are much more than who you think you are.

May your day be filled with Blessings

 Words Have Power
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Nidia Feliberti April 7, 2013 at 2:16 pm

Hi, Teresa: I would like to know if you have a treatment or suggestions for kidney failure, even though everybody feels that there is no natural cure for it, I strongly believe that there is something out there for it

Thanks very much!!!

Teresa Smith April 7, 2013 at 4:46 pm

I guess I have a different view point than most people, because I would say the body can heal anything. I’m not a doctor, but I believe the body can come back from most illnesses if given the chance. Are you the one that has been diagnosed with kidney failure or a loved one? Is there a reason behind the diagnosis? What the doctors believe to be the cause?

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