by Teresa Smith on June 1, 2014

DSC05841 300x225 ValueMany of you know, I love gemstones, rocks… bling!  Ha ha. A friend and I used to frequently visit a particular gem store here in town. I’d purchase rings, pendants and loose gemstones. I’d never thought about purchasing green gemstones, but was taken with the colors of chrome diopside and peridot. Over the years, I’ve collected several nice pieces of both.

Saturday, my friend and I were running some errands and she wanted to run by the gem store and check on some items she had ordered. I recently squashed a favorite ring of mine and went with her in hopes they could do something to round out the  ring so the it wouldn’t pinch my finger.

It’s probably been over a year since I’d been to that store and it was good to see everyone. Dana, one of the reps, had been battling cancer and it was really good to see her. She had a cute, new haircut that made her look fabulous. Dana was looking at  a piece of chrome diopside that my friend was wearing and began telling us that the only mine that produces chrome diopside was in jeopardy of being shut down. She stated how it was family owned, the parents had passed away and the children had no desire to keep the mine open. Dana knew how much chrome diopside my friend and I had purchased over the years and told us it would probably be going up in value because of the potential mine closure.

Everything has a value. Most of the time, value has to do with supply and demand. How much of something is available and if people are passionate about obtaining that something. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a gemstone, the color or appliances, or the latest toy craze… the price is usually driven by supply and demand. Remember Cabbage Patch and Beanie Babies?

Aren’t we lucky that we don’t fall into that scenario? Many of us don’t understand how valuable we are, but we really are. It doesn’t matter who your parents are or where you live. It doesn’t matter what you own or don’t own. We are ALL valuable. No one  person is better or worse. Even if we contributed great things to society, your contribution may be more valuable, but you are just as valuable as the next person walking down the street. The thing is, we aren’t just valuable… we’re priceless. In God’s eyes, we are uniquely created and gifted and we’re priceless. Imagine what the world would be like if we all realized our true value. Go out this week and start embracing your true… value.

Blessings throughout the coming week

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