Truth Is…

by Teresa Smith on September 29, 2014

DSCN7935 196x300 Truth Is...It’s so hard for me to believe that Fall is here. Where did the year go? It seems like just yesterday I was slipping and sliding through the ice. Not only has the ice gone, but so has spring flowers and long hot summer days. I’ve started noticing the shift in the sun, leaves beginning to change color and much shorter days.

Sometimes, when the seasons change, I seem to go though wanting to clear out and change things in my life. I’ve been in one of those moods the past couple of weeks. I look at my closet and want to eliminate most of what is there. I want to clean like crazy. Keep in mind, I’m still in the ‘I want’ stage. I haven’t actually taken the tasks to hand… but it’s coming, I can feel it. One day, I’ll get up and and start cleaning and it’s best that I don’t stop until I’m finished, because it doesn’t happen often.

I found that I not only want to clear out items in my home, but in my mind also. You may find this funny, but I had a long talk with myself the other day. I was driving home and began thinking of all of the things I could possibly be holding onto. Any of the hurts, any judgments or any event that had taken place in the past that I was still holding onto in a negative way.

I started telling myself that it didn’t matter whether I could recall the actual event, but if there was anything there… I wanted to let it go, now. Everything that has happened in my life, prior to this moment is all in the past. I can’t change anything about those moments, but I can change how I respond to them… or don’t respond to them today and in the future. I asked my body to release any of that stuck energy and just let it go. I could understand how parts of me might be thinking if I hold onto those events and any emotions… any anger, bitterness, jealously, etc. , I might be protecting myself or punishing the other person.

Truth is, I’m doing neither. No matter how much I try to protect myself, things are going to happen. Some might be good, others might not. Secondly, we all know that holding onto negative events never punishes others, but rather punishes ourselves. Nelson Mandela once stated, “Resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies.”

During that drive, I had a long heart to heart talk with myself and thanked myself and my body for everything it had done in my life. I asked that we agree to let any negativity go. None of that serves me in any way. I chose to forgive and release whatever these events were. You know, I’ve felt better since.

During my life, my house has gathered a lot of ‘stuff ‘ that may or may not be useful to me anymore and so has my mind and body. I think it’s time to let all of that go. What about you?

Blessings throughout the coming week

 Truth Is...
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Velma October 1, 2014 at 8:52 am

Once again, your writing has inspired your reader. :) You know I love to Clean & Clear, inside and out. So I am cheering you on dear friend to enter that space where Cleaning & Clearing leads to freedom and relaxation…more room to breathe and more room for your light to shine.
I love your photography so very very much!
With appreciation,

Teresa October 1, 2014 at 10:41 am

Ha ha… not yet Velma, but soon… so keep cheering me on! Thanks for your comments.

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