by Teresa Smith on August 18, 2014

DSC07255 300x225 TomatoesI love Summer. I’m not necessarily fond of all of the humidity in the area, but I do love warm weather over cold. I also love all of the fresh produce that comes along with the season. There is an area close to my home that is known for their tomatoes.  Because of the decomposition of limestone rock in the county, there is a high acidity level to the soil and the flavor is outstanding.

Growing up, I couldn’t wait until the tomatoes started coming in. There was nothing better than two pieces of bread, some mayo, a big juicy slice of tomato and a little salt and pepper.

Years ago, my beloved tomatoes started to change. They became hard, flavorless, ordinary tomatoes. A couple of years ago, I found heirloom tomatoes in a local store and I was happy again. I still missed my Grainger County tomatoes, but these were a close second.

Last year, my neighbor had purchased a box of Grainger County tomatoes and he offered me some. I really didn’t want them, but I accepted a few. They looked like the tomatoes I had grown up on and they actually tasted like them too! I wasn’t sure what had happened. Maybe they’re had been a huge revolt against the genetically modified tomatoes. Maybe people in the area got tired of eating cardboard flavored tomatoes and demanded better. I’m not sure where my neighbor purchases his tomatoes. I understand that several farms decided to refuse using the genetically modified seeds and went back to using heirloom seeds from the original tomatoes grown in the past.

I’m just happy to have my favorite tomatoes back. My neighbor recently said the price had been lowered on a box of tomatoes from $20 to $12.  I was excited and thought… I’ll purchase a box of tomatoes myself. I’ll take some and give the rest to family.

Well, my box came in. Much to my surprise, there were far more tomatoes than I expected. I wasn’t sure what to do, I didn’t want them going bad. I took 20, gave cousins around 20 apiece, but still have half a box of tomatoes! I called my brother, I called a friend. I even saw a neighbor walking up the street and gave her some. All in all, I had close to 80 tomatoes in that box!

Everyone was happy to get them. It even brought a smile to my neighbor’s face to receive an unexpected gift. I got blessed because I was able to give them to others. Family and friends were blessed  to receive them. Tomatoes! A $12 box of tomatoes! A simple piece of produce, but a box load of joy.

A simple reminder that acts of kindness don’t have to be a huge deal. A box of tomatoes, but a lot of smiles. What can you do to bring joy to others? Keep it simple, keep it small, but stand back and see what a difference it can make in your life and the lives of those around you.

Blessings throughout the coming week

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