by Teresa Smith on July 28, 2014

DSC07131 300x225 TimeoutI hate to say it. I’m one of those people that carries a huge purse. Yes, you could probably fit a small tv in my purse. I look at women that carry purses that at 4×4 or smaller and cringe. I have too much ‘stuff’ that I haul around with me daily. I also like a  larger purse so that I can slip a small notebook in it. I have a few essential oils that I always have with me.  Oh… I’m also the type of person that has only one purse and loves it until it falls apart.

My purse has been feeling heavier lately. It has 3 sections and I  would look down into each section but not see anything new causing the issue. Granted, I didn’t pull everything out and look, I just briefly scanned the sections.

The other day, I happened to reach into the middle section looking for something and found a $10 roll of quarters!  Talk about heavy!!!  A friend of mine had given me 3 rolls. I thought I had left all of them in the console of my car. No wonder I thought my purse was heavy, I’d been walking around with a heavy load of quarters for a month.

As soon as I took the quarters out, my purse felt like ‘normal’ again. It was amazing how much lighter it immediately felt.

Do you ever feel like your carrying a weight or burden around, but never take the time to figure out what it is and remove it? Had I taken the time to empty my whole purse as soon as I felt the perceived weight, I would have found the roll of quarters and immediately made the decision to remove them.

In our lives, when we first notice a change in ourselves, a heaviness or a feeling that things just aren’t right… it might be beneficial to take timeout and examine what’s going on in our life. Has anything changed in our life right before we started feeling this way. More often than not, if we just take the time to look into the sections of our life, we’ll discover what’s out of balance and causing the heaviness. Our first step is to take timeout from our busy lives. If I had taken the time, my burden could have been alleviated so much sooner.

When you feel like life is out of balance or a weight is slowing you down, take time out and look inside.

Blessings throughout the coming week

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