by Teresa Smith on December 1, 2014

DSC08126 300x225 TimeI hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving. It’s nice to be away from our regular work routines.  However, if you were like me…you traded one type of work for another. Wednesday night I was up cooking until… well, it was Thursday morning around 1:30am. I was fortunate to sleep in a little, but then hit the kitchen again, to prepare food for a lunchtime gathering with my cousins.  I was fortunate to be asked to join them for a Thanksgiving feast around noon. Later, I gathered with my brother and his family.

While traveling to each home, something caught my eye. I’m always out on Thanksgiving and this year everywhere I went, I noticed many cars gathered around many homes. I had never noticed so many groups… one house after another. It warmed my heart to see how many people were choosing to gather together for this day of thanksgiving.

Life seems so busy and we all have things to do. Stores are now trying to grab our attention and lure us with sales. It was nice to see people ignoring all of that and gathering for fellowship.

To me, there’s no physical item that I would rather purchase above being with family or friends. I personally could care less about all of the gift giving around the holidays. I cherish time with friends and family above all of that.

Our time is valuable.  None of us know how much time we have left. Choose wisely where you spend it.

Blessings throughout the coming week,

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