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by Teresa Smith on February 3, 2014

DSC00463 2 225x300 Our ThoughtsWhat thoughts are you thinking? Are you aware of the talk or chatter that you constantly create within. Sometimes we say things and we aren’t even aware of what we really said. So often we really don’t put any value on our thoughts and how they might be affecting our lives and sometimes even leading us down a certain path.

I had someone make a joke about having a ‘pharmacy’ in their house. They’ve always done their research and the supplements they’ve purchased over the years are great supplements, but maybe not always needed. As they made the comment about the pharmacy, I felt a lot of energy around that statement. We were recently talking about some of the items and I questioned whether they really needed all of those supplements. Interestingly, a close relative recently questioned the same. Don’t get me wrong. I definitely have my ‘go to’ supplements that I take on a daily basis. However, this person apparently has purchased quite a few supplements over the years. As we talked, it became apparent that for some reason, this person felt like they needed to have an arsenal of supplements to make sure whatever ailment came their way, they would be able to conquer it.

Knowing they had that pharmacy was good and bad. On the good side, they probably had something helpful in case they really needed it. On the flip side, there was a part of them that felt like they really needed that arsenal and there was always going to be a problem they would have to take care of eventually. They would never be well.  We talked just the other day and they told me they cleared out their supplements. Instead of having an arsenal, they had a few. They didn’t throw them away, but stored  them away and didn’t consider them a part of their daily regimen. They told me they really felt good when they made that decision. It was a boost to their system.

Another person called me because they were having some severe pain in their back. They told me what had been going on in their life lately. This time of year is a busy one for them, but their spouse has recently had surgery and they’ve added caretaker to their daily routine also. They recently made comments that they just didn’t know how much more they could take on. Oddly, I thought about how the back supports us and how much this person had been ‘taking on’ and trying to support everyone else, but herself. As we talked, things seemed to get better. The muscles started to relax and the pain seemed less.

What are you constantly thinking or saying about yourself or even others.  Our thoughts and words have power. Ask God to make you aware of negative thoughts you need to release and no longer resonate with. It just might have an amazing impact on your life, your body, and your circumstances.

Blessings throughout the coming week

 Our Thoughts
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Nadine February 3, 2014 at 7:31 pm

This article reminded me of a time when I too, had a host of remedies .I latched on to these supplies, if I thought I may have been exposed to some sort of crud.
One day I heard myself say, “what makes you think I can’t fight this on my own”?
I was so dependent on the concept of those supplements saving me.
I have learned to let my body take care of itself … When I detect trouble. Then I act on it.
You well know I feel that good food trumps toxins first and foremost . Young Livings oils next on my go to list. Thanks this was A nice reminder article.

Teresa Smith February 3, 2014 at 10:49 pm

Thanks Nadine,
I think many of us can get or feel dependent on other things and don’t realize what an amazing piece of work our bodies are and what they are capable of, if given the chance.

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