Things Aren’t Always As They Seem

by Teresa Smith on August 11, 2014

Reese1 300x269 Things Arent Always As They SeemThis past week my cousin went on vacation. She had heard about a place in town to board pets. At the facility, there are different levels of service and different types of rooms for your pet. There were overhead cameras in the facility so while you were away, you could always take a peak at how your furry member of the family was doing. My cousin gave her brother and I a password so we could check on the dog too.

Last Sunday, we had gathered for our weekly family time.  My cousin and I  both received a text message at the same time concerning the password from his sister who was having a great time on the west coast. We both tried signing in and to check it out. My cousin said he found Reese in Executive 1, but I thought we had been texted another area. We both were looking at Executive 1 and decided we were looking at my cousin’s dog. Same color, same size, same bed. Each day I would check in  several times. I was really taken by the fact that he seemed to be less active that I thought he would be.

As the week went on, I kept checking in on the dog. Thursday morning, I was looking in and he wasn’t there! He was gone, his bed was gone… I got concerned.  I called the company to find out what happened to my furry friend. The lady at the front desk seemed to be confused. She said Reese was still in Luxury 1 as he had been all week. (You see where this is going, don’t you).  I looked at the text on my phone and found my cousin had texted Luxury 1. The woman at the front desk had put me on hold and went to check in on Reese. I had already located the room on my phone and saw what appeared to be the receptionist and Reese on camera. I was so bummed. I had been spying in on the wrong dog all week!

Somehow my cousin had gotten confused about the room and I never questioned it because from our viewpoint… it looked like Reese. It was a real V8 moment, like a smack to the head, that things aren’t always as they seem. I was super glad to know that Reese was ok. What a coincidence that the dog we had been looking at all week was the same size, same color and had the same bedding.

I’m sure that wasn’t the first time in my life that I believed something to be true and it wasn’t.  I’m also sure it won’t be the last. Have you ever experienced someone that was rude or been cut off in traffic? In our minds, we perceive what we think to be true. Maybe that person who was rude, had just received some bad news. Maybe the person that cut you off was on the way to the hospital…maybe they were called in for an emergency surgery. We never know. More than likely, things aren’t always as they seem.

How would our lives be if during those little run-ins in life, we always chose a positive perspective over a negative one. I believe we’d all have a much happier life.

Remember that we’re all going through something in life and that things aren’t always as they seem. Choose the positive side of life.

Blessings throughout the coming week.

 Things Arent Always As They Seem
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