by Teresa Smith on November 24, 2014

DSC08226 225x300 ThanksgivingI amazed that the holidays are upon us. We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving later this week and Christmas in a month. During this time, I always like to look back through the year of what I’m thankful for. I guess the big thing that stands out this year is that my brother came out of a wreck last February with barely a scratch. Sometimes when I’m searching for pictures on my computer, I’ll come across the pictures of his car that I took the day after the wreck. I’m always in awe of how he was untouched.

Looking back, there are so many little things I’m thankful for. Most of the little things are memories of friends and family. I love the people around me. I have great neighbors, wonderful friends and an amazing family. I’m blessed to be working with my cousins. They’ve introduced me to the world of real estate and I look back on how much I’ve learned over the past year. I love being able to use my creativity in my job.

I’m thankful for my gifts and talents. I’ve discovered many of those gifts, but I’m sure I’ve got some hidden ones I don’t even know about. I’m thankful I can look through a camera lens and recreate the beauty that I see. I’m blessed to see the beauty in so many things.

At times when life is rough, I sit down and state things I’m thankful for. Recalling those items helps to calm me. It helps to bring joy into my life. My problems don’t go away, but life seems a little more positive.

Remind yourself daily of things your are thankful for, even if it’s just a few items. Notice how your day feels lighter. May you be blessed this Thanksgiving with friends, family and special memories.

Blessings throughout the coming week,

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