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I have worked with Teresa for over 3 years now using TAT and  other techniques.  We have worked on a huge variety of topics over the years.  Teresa’s willingness to get to the core issues, as well as address what is up to address, has been helpful and supportive to me.   – Velma Alford,  Louisiana 

Teresa has been a great source of relief over the years with everything from quickly alleviating the symptoms of the flu, to stopping the pain of a cracked tooth until it could be removed.   Teresa’s concern for comfort and healing are evident when talking with her.  We have also successfully sought her help with our two dogs.  - Mark, Knoxville  Tennessee

I’m grateful for the work Teresa did with me on behalf of my mom’s kitty, Sweetie.  Last year, Sweetie was very ill ( on the verge of being euthanized ) and is now, a year later, the picture of good health; even our vet was amazed!  Teresa Smith is a highly intuitive, caring , and gifted practitioner.  Her amazing ability to work at a distance was invaluable and made a huge difference in Sweetie’s healing.  As a practitioner myself, having Teresa partner with me in this way, at a time when I was so personally involved, was truly a blessing.  Her calm and confident approach was very grounding and supportive –  just what I needed.  I wouldn’t hesitate to call on her again and to recommend her wholeheartedly!  - Lisa Saubolle, CHT, TAT Trainer  Santa Cruz, California  www.bodymindjourney.com  

Teresa has used TAT, as well as other diagnostic tools and interventions to assist with many physical as well as emotional pains with great success.  Her patience and skilled attention are so valuable during a medical and/or emotional challenge.  She provides a welcoming and non-judgmental space that really leads itself to supporting the healing process.  - Susan, Massachusetts

TAT is a great way to take control of your own health.  Everybody should be lucky enough to have an opportunity for learning about this amazing tool.  -  Sarah, Tennessee

I’ve worked with Teresa for a number of years now and I am grateful for her insight into my health issues.  Through our sessions, we have conquered a multitude of pathogens, allergens, and most recently… a never ending menstrual cycle.   She has helped me to successfully process childhood traumas.   Teresa has assisted me with treatments on my own child when she was ill.  It is truly amazing to see a child who is running a high fever and listless, be up and playing within an hour of a TAT session.  Allow your heart and mind to be open to the healing of TAT, put the conventional medicine on the shelf for a while, and receive the healing all of us were intended to have.  - S, Tennessee

With Teresa, I felt very comfortable reviewing aspects of myself that needed healing.  After my session, I felt whole and complete!  -  Daniel M., Knoxville Tennessee

The TAT prayer method  facilitated by Teresa has graciously allowed me and my found daughter to blunt the emotional sting of past traumata events.  I am aware the feelings were once there, but they have become remarkably and blessedly less important.  I believe God does the healing, but TAT is a powerful prayer tool in reaching out for His healing.  - Amy K , North Carolina

Teresa and I have had three TAT sessions over the phone, which have been very positive in ridding my body of allergies, sensitivities, and emotions connected with them resulting in my feeling a lot better. Teresa has taught me how to do TAT myself and is a great teacher with a lot of compassion and caring love.  - E.N.  , Knoxville Tennessee

My health issues have included many various symptoms.  Not being able to sleep had been a contributing factor with my inability to make headway.  The very first session with  Teresa,  seemed to be a pivotal point in that area.  I was able to sleep that night without racing thoughts and worries!  Teresa is very intuitive and so easy to work with.  She is a highly skilled TAT practitioner, and is willing to share her knowledge.  Thanks to Teresa, I now feel empowered to help myself.   –  Tammy, Alabama

Dear Teresa, I thought you might want to share this testimonial with your other clients, although I am sure they have experienced first hand you amazing work.  I just wanted to tell you Thank You on behalf of myself and Sam (my beloved 4 legged companion).  Teresa, when I contacted you, I was so Worried about Sam.  I had never seen him so sick. For days he would not eat anything and was acting so lifeless.  You helped him, in fact, within minutes of one of several treatments, I would see him change before my very eyes!!!  I thank God for giving you such a wonderful Gift and I feel so blessed to know you.  Sams says he loves you too!  :D   – Jen Jen, Maryville Tenneessee

Teresa has done some TAT work with me for emotional issues and every time she does, I almost forget what the problem was to begin with…in just days or so. It’s remarkable.  Teresa is a kind, intelligent (one of the most well read people I know), and very talented in her work.  I can’t say enough good about her.  - C. Beach, Knoxville Tennessee

I met up with Teresa after not having seen her in a few years. The timing was perfect as it always is with God. After hearing about what she was doing and having known her for many years, I was excited to begin working with her about my son who is battling autism. We had our first meeting and after talking with me she uncovered some places of healing she felt as though I needed to process through having just been through a divorce. I can’t say enough about the love from which Teresa works out of. I immediately felt an assurance and peace when we began. God unlocked some areas of deep sorrow and resentments that while I had thought I had processed that with God, some of it had trapped itself in my body and was in need of being removed. I can’t express my thanks to Teresa and to My Lord for loving me enough to send her my way.

The day before we were leaving for our Christmas vacation, Miles experienced an upset stomach, threw up, and began to manifest flu like symptoms. His nose and chest began to fill with mucus and he complained his throat hurt. He looked horrible. I called Teresa, she immediately located the problem and did a TAT on him. I have seen many miraculous things over the years in my journey with God. I know a miracle when I see one. I watched a miracle with Miles that night. Within 15 minutes he was laughing, had full color in his face and was fine. About a week later, I woke up feeling as though I had an elephant sitting on my chest. Teresa happened to call about Miles and heard the sickness in my voice. It hadn’t occurred to me that I could be healed and had already in my mind started to process how long this was going to take to ride out and what medicines I needed to get to try to shorten the suffering. She did what she is gifted to do and expressed there was an emotional hindrance that we needed to work on. Honestly, I almost laughed…….but I was too sick to and thought….okay…what do we need to do and what do I have to lose? She walked me through a few things and again…..I experienced immediate relief and no more symptoms. I was fine. I have the faith to believe many things but when it came to myself, I was lacking the faith to believe that God can and does heal through His people. I am fully persuaded by experience that Teresa has been given tremendous medical insight by God and operates in a God given Gift.

We are in the process of working through inroads with Miles and the thicket called autism and it feels like we are cutting down trees. Having joined forces on what God has revealed to me over the years and the wealth of experience and Gift of Healing Teresa brings to the table, we are both very excited about what we are seeing, what we are learning, and what it is going to lead to going forward. Hopefully a paved road to help other children and families through this devastating condition will emerge.

I am humbled by her desire to help and her genuine love for those she meets in suffering. I am so thankful God chose to allow our paths to cross ! Thank you Teresa for your faithfulness and your willingness to lovingly lead so many to God’s promise of health and healing, I pray people to be open to receiving what God so freely offers us through your obedience and your calling in Him.  May God abundantly bless you in every way !

Pamela Tidmore, Knoxville, TN



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