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by Teresa Smith on May 28, 2012

This week has been extremely hot and honestly I dread going outside when it’s this hot and humid. I’m so thankful for air conditioning, both in my car and in my home. Thursday, I met up with a friend of mine and we decided to check out the Butterfly Exhibit at the local zoo. I rarely go to the zoo, but I thought it might be interesting to see the exhibit while it was here. We started out early because of the heat. We arrived around 10:30 in the morning. School is out here, and many families were enjoying time together at the zoo.

As we entered, there were several butterflies fluttering about. As usual, I had my camera in hand. I love my little camera and it’s great that I can carry it in my purse at all times, but I do miss a view finder, which are pretty much obsolete in smaller cameras today. Many of the butterflies seem to be sunning themselves. Several of the bushes had butterflies spread out on the leaves. There were a couple of vessels that contained a concoction of watermelon, banana, and orange Gatorade that seemed to be of interest to the butterflies.

My friend and I stayed there for quite a bit of time. It seemed so peaceful and beautiful. There is just something magical about a butterfly. To think that a caterpillar, a worm to me, could turn into such a lovely, graceful, fragile being. I’m not sure how many people came through while we were there, but I noticed they came in, stayed a few minutes, and left. Granted, many had small children and I understand that it’s hard to hold the attention of a child for a long time, but I was amazed at how quickly people shuffled through.

Have you ever found that when you stop and really take time to learn about something or some one, it means so much more to you. In your relationships, when you spend time…quality time, with others, when you listen, when you share… don’t you find that the relationship is richer. As we took our time, sat on the benches, took some photos, the employees would come to us and talk about the butterflies. We found ourselves asking questions also. Because of the time I spent, I learned the names of several species of butterflies. I learned how to identify the males from the females. I learned how to attract butterflies around my home. I learned about their body temperature, when they are more active, their average lifespan, and even observed their mating ritual. I learned how they are shipped in envelopes with fruit. All of this information was so amazing.

As we were leaving, I felt so grateful that my friend was ok with staying as long as we did. I felt grateful and blessed that the employees were as nice and informative as they were. I was also thankful and appreciative that I allowed myself the time to just sit, be, allow. I felt so lucky that I took the time to really experience these beautiful beings. Yes, I know they are insects, but to me… they seem so much more. The transformation that takes place, the fact that they are such beautiful creatures, and wondering if they realize just how beautiful and amazing they really are.

Do butterflies see the beauty of their bodies, their grace. How many times as humans do we ever truly realize our beauty and grace. Many of us are in the midst of transformation. How many times do we judge how fast our transformation is taking or do we just allow what is taking place and enjoy the ride… knowing we are evolving into something wonderful.

Today, I challenge you to make time. Make the time to get involved, learn, and grow allowing transformation of your mind, body, and soul.

Blessings in the coming week

 Take the Time
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