by Teresa Smith on October 13, 2014

DSC05141 300x225 StuffI was driving the other day and noticed a piece of land that had been leveled off.  I was wondering what was going to be built on the site… a convenience store, apartments? Well, the sign has now gone up. Storage buildings. My brother was with me and I exclaimed… “All we need is another storage building.”

I realize that from time to time,  one might need some temporary extra storage. So often it’s because we have so much “stuff”. I’ve driven through neighborhoods and everyone parks out on the driveway or street because their garage is filled with their stuff.

We’ve become a society of collecting stuff and not wanting to let go of our stuff. We buy extra building space to hold our extra stuff.

Growing up, we didn’t even know what a storage building was. You might have one on your  property to keep a lawn mower or tools from any bad weather, but we never had these rows and rows of buildings to store stuff.

I try to get rid of a lot of my stuff, but sometimes it can back up on me…especially paperwork.  I tend to want to keep documents in case I need them. We all know that we need to keep certain legal documents for an amount of time for taxes, but I tend to want to keep everything. I’m probably guilty of hanging onto ‘things’ a little longer than I need to, but I do try to periodically go through the house and get rid of what I don’t need and could still be used by others. I’ll take a car load to one of the local charities that I support. I do believe in donating it to others if it’s still useful. If I haven’t used an item in a certain period of time, it goes… unless I really, really love the item. I understand, it’s hard to let go of things that we’ve claimed as our possession, but sometimes we need to purge things in our life to make room for the new.

Periodically we need to go through our life and our stuff and examine what is still needed and what hasn’t been used in years and learn to let go. We need to stop collecting more and more stuff. Take a look in your life and see what you can let go of or donate to someone else. Who knows, there might be something greater that’s been waiting to come into your life.

Blessings throughout the coming week

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