by Teresa Smith on August 25, 2014

DSC051251 225x300 SimpleI attended some great seminars this past week. I believe no matter where we are in life we can always learn something new. One of the classes spoke about mindset… which you know, I’m all about. Do you have an open mindset or has your mindset gradually shut down due to how you were taught and other influences on your life.  In the seminar, we were presented with several brain teasers. The following problem is one we were asked to solve. We were told the problem can be solved by pre-school children in 5 -10 minutes. By programmers in one hour.

Can you figure it out?



8809 = 6

7111 = 0

2172 = 0

6666 = 4

1111 = 0

3213 = 0

7662 = 2

9313 = 1

0000 = 4

2222 = 0

3333 = 0

5555 = 0

8913 = 3

8096 = 5

7777 = 0

9999 = 4

7756 = 1

6855 = 3

9881 = 5

5531 = 0

 2581 = ????


I love puzzles. However I looked at this and looked at this and just could not figure it out. Now that I know the answer, I can’t help but see it now. It seems so simple.

So many times as humans, we try to make things so complicated, difficult and hard. I believe we’re taught to think that way. I believe we would be far better off to think more simply, to think outside the box.

When we are younger, we see life differently. We believe we are superhero’s and can accomplish anything, we have less fear. As we get older, we are taught to see things a certain way, to think a certain way, to believe a certain way. It’s difficult to break out of the barrier that grows around us daily.

So often we judge what we don’t understand. We become fearful of new ideas, new ways of thinking. Imagine what you could accomplish if all your negative thinking and programming were no longer there. Imagine what our world would be like if we released all of our negative thinking and programming.

Open the box, break the barriers. Don’t let the world rub off on you, go out and rub off on the world.

Oh… and the answer to the puzzle is two. The answer to each 4-digit number is how many closed loops there are. A 6 has one, an 8 has two.  Now it seems simple, right?

Blessings throughout the coming week.

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