Silent Conversations

by Teresa Smith on April 7, 2014

DSC06007 300x225 Silent ConversationsI’ve been working with a client lately. I love working with others. It gives me a chance to observe how complicated our bodies are. In a recent discussion, a client told me he seemed stuck doing sessions I suggested he do. I had a vision of him sitting down with a representative of certain body parts. That suggestion might seem strange to you, but it was a great idea. I actually had him get quiet and mentally invite everyone to the table and listen for anything they had to say. He thought it was odd that everyone showed up with armor on.

Over the years he has had a many health challenges. He’s been doing several therapies, including working with me recently.  What came out of the silent conversation he was having in his head was that there were parts of him that had no idea who He was. All this time he believed he was the chief commander giving out instructions and orders and his body wasn’t always responding in the way he thought it should. He became frustrated and resentful of his body. Come to find out from his silent conversation, all of the parts felt as if They were commander in chief. Every part was functioning on it’s own with no communication with the other parts.

Imagine feeling like you were isolated, all on your own trying to accomplish a task versus many others, in total communication with you and having your back. Which would accomplish more?

Oddly this has come up with many of my clients. We usually discover this during the silent conversations with our body. How often do you sit quietly and just ask your body what it needs from you to function better, to be happy, to be healthy. Do the answers come?

Try doing this exercise once a week. You might be surprised the answers you get. Be sure to have paper and pen with you. Be open to receive. You might have a visual experience. You might have an auditory response. Don’t judge and just be open. Remind your body you are there because you want to help. I’d love to hear your results.

Blessings throughout the coming week

 Silent Conversations
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