Sharing The Love For Animals And The Benefits Of Alternative Therapies

by Teresa Smith on March 11, 2013

I thought I would write about something near and dear to my heart. I’ve always been taken with animals. I grew up with cats.  We lived at a major intersection North of the city and someone was always abandoning a cat. My brothers and I would see a cat here or there and would find ways to ‘lure’ them to our home and then beg mom and dad to keep it.  I was always taken with the beauty of horses too.  I remember drawing them when I was a child.  It wasn’t until my 40′s that I had more interactions with dogs. I love all animals. I love watching the birds, squirrels, raccoons, and rabbits outside my windows.  I love catching glimpses of hawks, but my love is definitely cats. I have a cat now… Lorenzo.  He’s been with me for nearly seven years now.  I once had a gentleman that owned a health food store tell me that my cat was lucky to have me as an owner.  I had taken care of him, helped him using alternative therapies, and fed him high quality food.DSCN1131 300x225 Sharing The Love For Animals And The Benefits Of Alternative Therapies

Growing up, I didn’t know anything about taking care of animals.  I just loved them.  I was a child, my parents purchased the well-known cat foods. These brands are still available, but personally, I don’t believe in the quality of these once traditional brands. A veterinarian was someone who took care of large animals… horses, cows, etc. Today, I know better, I have new perceptions. Lorenzo prefers dry kibble. He receives only high quality chow…no meat by products, no corn, no wheat, no soy.His chow contains probiotics, to help build the good bacteria. Lorenzo is an indoor cat, he has his cat grass to munch on and loves his water fountain which keeps his water filtered, fresh, and cool.  I have a birdfeeder right outside the window and he enjoys watching all of his bird friends and laying in the sun.  He frequently sleeps with me somewhere on the bed and I always awaken to kitty kisses in the morning.

Yes, Lorenzo receives alternative therapies.  I’ve done TAT on him for years. I think he’s better for it.  He’s been to the vet twice in his life and once to the emergency clinic when he slit his dew claw…that’s it… I do the rest. He developed crystals in his urine when he was one and I was told he needed to be on a renal diet for the rest of his life. The vet tossed me some cat chow that contained animal by products.  I tossed the chow back and told them I would try it my way. Today, Lorenzo is almost seven, happy, and healthy.

I’ve got a friend who lives in California. She also does TAT.  Her name is Lisa.  Lisa put out a post for ideas and help last year concerning her mothers cat, Sweetie. Funny how my cat Lorenzo and Sweetie resemble each other. I gave some suggestions to Lisa and we  also performed a TAT on behalf of Sweetie using Lisa as the surrogate. Lisa had been told that Sweetie had a probable tumor or growth in her nasal area.  The following is taken from several emails shared by Lisa and I.

Sweetie’s Story:

As for symptoms, she still has some discharge and at times it is more and seems bothersome, but mostly it’s whatever is going on in her nose/throat that creates difficulty in breathing sometimes.  It sounds like loud snoring…like air moving past some obstruction in the back of her nose and she has to sometimes get herself in a certain position so she can breathe better.  So, if it’s a growth of some kind, it’s still there and she’s adjusting well, though my concern is that it will likely grow, creating more of a problem.  My gut feeling is that it’s not malignant, but I don’t know.  I have done some TAT for that growth/tumor itself and plan to do more

Spent a long time with Sweetie yesterday, having her sit on my lap a couple different times and doing some Reiki with her.Reading a bit more now about the nasal polyps in cats, I have a sense that is what she has — all the symptoms are there, and I don’t “get” that it’s cancer….

Sweetie stopped eating again for about 3 days, and even went back under the bed for a day or so. I talked to our vet (the vet tech wife, actually) who is back from vacation, and made a tentative appt. for euthanasia tomorrow.  In the meantime, I continued to do TAT and talk with Sweetie and she starting eating again…

She’s had two really good days now, eating a little and enjoying life again — sitting outside in the sun (she’s doing that right now), purring and being very affectionate, and seems to me her symptoms are a little less.  Hardest thing is about the eating.  She acts hungry….comes to me in the kitchen wanting food, the sniffs the bowls and turns away.  I started taking some food (tuna mostly) and putting some on her mouth/nose. After doing that a few times, that would get her to eat.  I do think not being able to smell thing so well dampens her appetite.

I’m going to cancel the appt. for tomorrow….and we’ll just be taking it day by day…

A disturbing development tonight that I want to share.  After having spent a couple of relaxed hours with me on the sofa, Sweetie came into the kitchen with me while I was fixing dinner.  She had a couple of really big sneeze/coughs (sneezing is a symptom of tumors/polyps because I think it’s irritated in there), but then she started to choke.  Kind of like throwing up a hair ball, except I could tell she was having trouble breathing and had her neck extended wheezing through her mouth.  It was all I could do not to panic.  I just started doing TAT for her.  It didn’t last long, and she seemed ok afterwards.  However, my sense is that whatever position that growth is in, it can shift and create problems and it may be growing, but we have no way of knowing.  A few days ago, she sneezed and bled.  That’s only happened the one time, but tonight, it seemed like she had a little blood too, perhaps from the growth?

Guess I just wanted to update you in case you had any insights about this.  I will keep doing TAT, especially with my fear that Sweetie is going to choke. I feel somewhat afraid that she could choke and be in so much distress that I would have to take emergency action, taking her to a pet hospital or something, just to have them put her to sleep.  I pray this doesn’t happen.  I couldn’t stand to see her suffering/in distress; I also can’t imagine putting her to sleep now when she seems so happy and is doing so well.

Wow…thanks for taking your precious time to write to me. I love your sharing and am grateful that you wrote about it.  I absolutely know how powerful beliefs are and am very willing to work with them….so thanks for reminding me !!!

I have been doing TAT both with “whatever is causing this” and with the idea of it being a growth.  I guess it’s true that it’s a bit hard for me to set aside the interpretation of her symptoms that I have gotten both from the vet and online, because everything she has shown in the way of symptoms aligns with a polyp (not a nasal tumor).  It is only one-sided and she has discharge only from one nostril.  She often cannot have her head down very long…she will raise up her head and take a breath through her mouth and often there is a very loud (I can hear it from the other room) snoring kind of sound that seems like air going over/around some kind of obstruction.  It’s especially prominent at certain times and in certain positions and her voice is affected. Polyps like tumors can cause a secondary infection and discharge.  I have been feeling that perhaps she does have a polyp and that it could dissolve/reduce in size and/or just stop growing all together…that’s what I’ve been hoping for.

I’m intending to really observe Sweetie without labeling what is happening (like it’s a growth, polyp, infection, inflammation, tumor, etc), even though it’s possible it could be any of those, or a combination.Computer Kitty 300x225 Sharing The Love For Animals And The Benefits Of Alternative Therapies

I just wanted to tell you how well Sweetie is doing.  It’s pretty amazing.  She is back to eating wet food again…I think perhaps because she can smell it now.  She has very little discharge most of the time…in fact today, I didn’t see any.  She is able to sleep with her head down and tucked in (something she couldn’t do at all before).  She’s eating well, going outside and is very perky….seems quite well, in fact.  She still coughs sometimes…yesterday she had quite a fit of it, but generally she’s doing great.  I would also say that after all the TAT, Reiki and talking to her, she is much more loving and affectionate and wants to be with us more than before.  I am still giving her the Silverbiotics everyday, and when I do, I think of you, Teresa.

I bless you every day.  As for what the cause of all this has been/still is…I don’t even go there anymore in my thinking….

Isn’t this just the best thing?

Just a quick update on my previous posts about Mom’s cat Sweetie.? Since about the first week of December she has been totally symptom free and completely well. When I called the vet to give an update around Christmas time, there was delight and surprise all around,

saying, “well, maybe it was a misdiagnosis…or…well, we’re calling her the Christmas Miracle!”

Through a combination of lots of TAT, hands on Reiki and some physically supportive measures, she went from a rapidly declining condition to health, energy, and a more affectionate disposition!

Thanks once again to Teresa Smith who helped tremendously with muscle testing (long distance) and suggestions.  I learned a tremendous amount through this process, and key among them was a reinforcement of how important it was to continue to do my own TAT on the beliefs and thoughts I had about her condition (what we were told, what I read, and what I observed).

One turning point for me was when Teresa asked me whether I was a bit stuck with the belief that what we were dealing with was a tumor/growth of some kind. Though I had done TAT with what the vet said and what I read online , at the core of it, I did think that it probably was a growth, based on symptoms and diagnosis. After I worked with this thought using TAT (maybe it’s a tumor, maybe it’s not), my way of viewing what was going on shifted. I no longer thought in terms of her having a growth, but more that “something” was creating symptoms, etc. I don’t know what impact that had on the whole thing, but for me, it was very significant and freeing to have no projections at all about what was going on….


 Sharing The Love For Animals And The Benefits Of Alternative Therapies
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