by Teresa Smith on November 4, 2013

DSC04684 300x225 RejuvenationToday was such a gorgeous day.  Temps were in the 60’s, but it was sunny and that made it feel just wonderful to me. Not too hot, not too cold… just right. The weather has not been cooperating with my schedule and I questioned whether I would be able to find the time to snap some of the fall colors this year.

I try to find the beauty in everything, no matter how hot, cold, sunny, cloudy, big, small, wet or dry… but I love the seasons of Spring and Fall. The colors are so much more intense during those times of the year. I headed out late Saturday afternoon to one of my favorite places. It’s about a twenty minute drive from my home. Saturday, there were people crawling all over the area. My secret was out. I was able to snap a couple of pictures, but I headed off into the woods hoping to find fewer people and more of nature. I was happy with the pictures that I took considering it was so late in the afternoon, it was cloudy, and it even rained a bit.

I was determined to head to the mountains Sunday. I really didn’t have the time, but I knew the peak colors had already come and gone and if I wanted any pictures… I’d better get in my car and hit the road. I drove to one of the parkways with long, beautiful overlooks of the mountains. The foliage was still breathtaking.

I think it’s funny how much I’ve changed when it comes to being outdoors and in nature. Growing up, I never even thought about going outside, now… I can’t get enough of it. Sunday, I could have parked the car and never gotten back in until the sun was down, but there were other places to see, so in the car I jumped! My brother was with me and as I drove through the winding roads we would ‘oooh’ and ‘ah’ around every corner. Unfortunately, the sun was so low in the sky and no longer shining on the area I was in. It was still pretty though. I’ve decided that I’ll have to head back next weekend. Hopefully there will be plenty of leaves still on the trees.

As the day ended, I was very thankful that I had taken the time to experience such beauty. I get so revived and rejuvenated when I’m in nature. It heals my soul.

The world is so busy and at times our lives seem out of control. Do you know what gives you peace? Rejuvenates you? Heals your soul?  I hope you know what that is and you take the time at least once a week to experience that healing. If you don’t know, become more aware of the things that make you happy and just do them!  Find the things in life that lift your spirit and limit yourself to things that don’t. If you’ve had a rather stressful week, make sure you do something that will rejuvenate your spirit. Too many things take a toll on our bodies and it’s important that we take time for ourselves.  Find that time this week and if your out in nature, you might just see me and my camera.

Blessings throughout the coming week

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