Purchasing Essential Oils

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Whether you’re interested in using Young Living’s natural health products or earning extra income, there’s a place in the Young Living community for you.

My story with Young Living is simple and you know me… I like simple! As a massage therapist, I had heard of Young Living Essential Oils for years, but I thought ‘They are just too expensive. They can’t be that great, that different than other essential oils.” About 5 years ago, some friends of mine decided to go to a Young Living seminar in the local area. The meeting was informative and two friends eventually signed up to be distributors, but I still held off. I began listening to their stories first hand on how they were enjoying the oils and finally I decided to join myself. Personally, I decided to become a member just to receive the wholesale prices. I thought it was great that all I had to do is purchase an enrollment kit and purchase $50 a year to stay an active member. Do I purchase more than $50 a year, oh yeh! I’ve got several ‘go to’ oils. I keep a handful of them on my vanity because I use them daily. I enrolled in the Autoship Essential Rewards program and I get the benefits of reduced shipping rates and redeemable points towards future orders. So whether you wish to purchase the oils at wholesale prices or you wish to start a home based business creating extra income, Young Living Essential Oils is your answer.


Whether you wish to enroll and become a member as a Distributor and start receiving wholesale prices on Young Living items or you choose to enroll and become a member as a Retail Customer, you’ll need this distributor number  914791


To start shopping or earning:

  1. Pick the membership that matches your current interests.
  2. Click Become a Member Now and follow the online Independent Distributor or Customer account setup using 914791.

Membership Options

  • Independent Distributor—I want to buy Young Living products at wholesale pricing (a 24% discount off retail pricing).
  • Customer—I want to buy Young Living products at full retail pricing.

** If you have any trouble signing up, please contact me here or though Facebook.


Here are just a few samples of enrollment kits. More are listed on the sign up page.

Start Living (Enrollment) Kit ($40.00)
3693 Purchasing Essential Oils

Start Living with Thieves (Enrollment) Kit ($150.00)
3694 Purchasing Essential Oils


Start Living with Everyday Oils (Enrollment) Kit ($150.00)
3700 Purchasing Essential Oils


NEW Start Living with NingXia Red (Enrollment) Kit ($206.25)
4892 Purchasing Essential Oils

 Purchasing Essential Oils

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