Plan C

by Teresa Smith on November 3, 2014

DSC08039 300x225 Plan CSometimes you have an idea or plan and things don’t work out the way you planned… but better. That happened to me this weekend. A few weeks ago I went to the mountains with hopes of capturing the beauty of fall.

At the time, the leaves hadn’t really started to change, so I was excited about heading back out during the weekend. Little did I know there would be a major snow storm on Halloween. What’s up with that???  We get a few snow storms during the year… but usually they come between January and March. Not the last day of October and not 22 inches.

Saturday was a blustery day, gray and cold. I had made plans with a friend so picture taking was out. Sunday was supposed to be sunny and a little warmer. My plans were to leave home around noon. Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to hear the story of Inky Johnson. I had heard a little about him, but I was so inspired by his testimony that I decided to purchase his book and… well, I had to stand in line and get the book signed by the author! If you ever get the opportunity to hear him speak, definitely do it.

What time did I get home?  Well, lets just say we didn’t leave at noon. It was more like 1:30 pm. We grabbed some lunch and headed to the mountains. I wanted to photograph the snowfall covering the mountain range and my plan was to head up the parkway to the overlooks. As I pulled off the highway to head up the parkway… the road was closed. I was bummed. I didn’t see any snow anywhere… I questioned why the gates were closed.

Plan B went into action. I decided that I would take some photos of the leaves around the river. I was looking for a particular spot and totally missed the turn off. How could I have missed it, I’ve been there plenty of times. Plan C was taking shape. I had my heart set on photographing the fall foliage around the river, but I was headed towards the cove and couldn’t find a place to turn around. As I kept driving, I noticed the temperature began feeling colder and colder. Next thing I knew, we were surrounded by snow…. beautiful fall foliage and snow. Had I been able to travel the parkway as planned, I would not even think about going to the cove. I decided to roll with the flow and with the traffic and head on in. It was beautiful. I wasn’t able to take that many pictures of the trees close up, but I was able to capture long vistas of the cove with the snow covered mountain range in the background. It was better than I expected. My heart and intent was Plan A, but God brought me Plan C… and it was so much better than I had planned.

Sure it took more time than I had planned and I was 20 minutes late to a family gathering, but hearing an amazing testimony in the morning, getting an autographed book and experiencing the awesome beauty of a snowfall with fall colors, fell together in perfect harmony.

Sometimes we have our heart set on Plan A, but if we roll with the flow and are open to the possibilities, Plan B, C or D can be just as good or better.

Blessings throughout the coming week,

 Plan C
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Velma November 3, 2014 at 4:12 pm

This is beautiful. You captured the moon, the sky, the mountains, trees, grass, snow, and shadows all in one moment. You are an amazing photographer! xox

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