Peace and Calming Helps Relieve Stressful Situations

by Teresa Smith on April 24, 2013

DSC04118 300x225 Peace and Calming Helps Relieve Stressful SituationsIt’s amazing what happens when using essential oils on animals. I’ve got a friend who boards her horse about ten minutes from where I live. There are three other horses boarded there. Several years ago, we were out shopping and she received a call from the guy that owned the other three horses. One of his horses had run through the fence and was caught up in the barbwire. She had cuts all over and was traumatized. We headed out to the barn to see if we could help. We had several essential oils with us. We decided to use Young Living’s Peace & Calming. I put several drops on my hands, rubbed them together and then placed my cupped hands near her nose. Her eyes were wild looking at the beginning. I kept holding my hands there, letting her breathe in the oils. Suddenly she took a deep breath in and as she exhaled, she seemed calmer and her eyes relaxed. I stayed there, letting her breathe in the oils, while they cleaned her up as we waited for the vet to arrive. She also did extremely well while the vet was stitching up several areas.

Pearl recovered fully and today she’s doing fine. Earlier this week, several of us decided to go out to the barn and see if we could spot any meteors during the Lyrid meteor shower. We put some chairs out and began looking into the night sky.

Within minutes, Pearl came up to me. She stayed around me the whole time. Actually, I had to nudge her away several times. She placed herself around me so that her chest was on my left side and her head was on my right. Needless to say, I didn’t see many meteors with a big white horse hovering over me.

It’s interesting, Pearl tends to always come around and just hang with me when I go out to the barn. I don’t know, but I think she remembers how I tried to help. I think she remembers the fragrance of the oil and how it helped to calm her down.

I’ve used Peace and Calming with my cat also, when he used to get stressed taking trips in the car. I’ve used it during stressful times and so have several of my friends. Young Living’s Peace and Calming is just that… it 

Give it a try and let me know what you think. Use it for yourself, your friends, or your animals. You can always contact me here or on Facebook.

Blessings to you

 Peace and Calming Helps Relieve Stressful Situations
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