Open Your Hands

by Teresa Smith on July 21, 2014

DSC02965 300x213 Open Your HandsYesterday morning I was driving and had my mind on other things, but realized I was too warm in my car with the air conditioner going. My first thought was, oh no… hopefully something wasn’t wrong with my air conditioner in this heat! Several things went through my mind… all big ticket issues. I kept driving and then noticed that the dial on my air conditioner was turned halfway back towards the heat. Yes, at that point I felt a big ‘DUH!’ overcome me. Normally, the dial is fully turned to the left on cold, especially this time of year. It dawned on me that I was coming home the other day in the rain and it was cooler than normal and I had turned the thermostat up because it was too cool. I had never turned it back.

I had driven around for a couple of days thinking there was something wrong with my car and I didn’t even look right in front of me to see the thermostat had been changed.

It made me immediately think of how many times we want something different in life, we feel our lives are lacking in some way, yet we have a limited perspective of what’s possible in our life. We ask God for blessings, but yet our hands are half opened.

With the dial on my car turned towards a warmer temp, there was only so much cold air I could ever receive. With our minds limiting our beliefs on what is possible in life, we can never fully receive all that’s possible waiting to come our way. As humans we tend to build walls of protection around ourselves and then wonder why it takes so long to get where we want to be. Well, unless your a superhero and can bust down that wall in one try, you have to start taking down that wall, brick by brick.

Take down your walls, open your hands and receive everything that God and others want to bless you with.

Blessings throughout the coming week.

 Open Your Hands
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