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by Teresa Smith on August 19, 2013

DSC07729 225x300 One Of My Simple Solutions   SilverbioticsA couple of weeks ago I was at my cousins house. She’s a dog lover. Her handsome fellow is Reese. She was busy so I took him out for a walk and uh… you know… a little relief. We got back inside the house and I noticed a small knot on his back near his spine. I mentioned it to my cousin and she said she knew about it. She wasn’t sure what it was, it just came up. She also said it also had some sort of discharge.

I told her about a product that I keep on hand. It’s called Silverbiotics.  It’s colloidal silver and one of my favorite brands.

I had a bottle that was almost empty at home, so I brought it to my cousin the next day. I told her to take a tissue or cotton ball and apply some to Reese twice a day. I also decided to do a TAT session on behalf of Reese for whatever the lump was in addition to the Silverbiotics.

Several days later, my cousin asked me to rub my hand down Reese’s back. I didn’t notice any lump. I told her to continue to apply the Silverbiotics for a few more days. It may have been the colloidal silver or the TAT session, or a combination of both. It didn’t really matter to either of us, we were just happy that the lump was gone.

Silverbiotics is non-toxic. It’s great for humans and animals. It can be used to fight fatigue, colds, and infections. I’ve been known to swab my ears with Silverbiotics. I’ve also cleaned the ears of my cats with it. It’s great at boosting your immune system too.

Sometimes all you need is a simple solution. Silverbiotics is one of my simple solutions. I use it on myself and my pets. It’s quick, easy, and beneficial. No worries too… if you pet happens to lick the area. It’s totally ok being ingested. I find Silverbiotics in one of the health food stores here in town. You can also find it online. Check it out and maybe it will become one of your simple solutions

Blessings throughout your week.

 One Of My Simple Solutions   Silverbiotics
PinExt One Of My Simple Solutions   Silverbiotics

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