Natural Solutions for Flea & Tick Problems

by Teresa Smith on March 18, 2013

DSCN5818 300x300 Natural Solutions for Flea & Tick ProblemsEach year, Americans apply a vast array of toxic chemicals to their pets with the intent of killing fleas and ticks. These include shampoos, sprays, dusts, and dips. Many consumers probably assume that the products they use and their vets suggest are completely safe. Spot-On flea and tick control such as Frontline, ProMeris, Defend, and Advantage can trigger many reactions in dogs and cats, shorten life spans, cause illness, and even death. The active ingredients in these solutions include chemicals such as imidacloprid, fipronil, permethrin, methoprene, and pyriproxyfen, all of which have caused serious health problems in animals in laboratories. Other forms of flea control such as powders, collars, shampoos, and sprays are just as dangerous to your pet. Check the labels, many warn not to get these substances on your skin, thoroughly washing your hands after applying it, and to keep it away from children. Just as our skin is the largest organ of the body, skin is the largest organ in your pets too. However, most of these chemicals are absorbed into your pets skin.

Spot-On flea and tick control absorbs into the skin and is stored in the oil glands and is slowly released through the hair follicles. Blood vessels and nerves also lie within this area of your pet’s skin. The labels also state to make sure you avoid contact until the area is dry.

So why is it safe for Fluffy and not for you? Truth is, it’s not. Read labels, do research, don’t trust that everything your vet says is safe for your pet, and look for alternative methods of treating your animal. God has entrusted you with the life of an animal, do your best to take care of that life.

Here are some natural solutions to flea and tick control.

  • Thinly slice a lemon, place in boiling water. Steep for an hour, let cool, and apply to your pets coat.
  • Food grade Diatomaceous Earth sprinkled in your pets bedding. (Make sure it’s Food Grade only)
  • TAT, Tapas Acupressure Technique®. I’ve used this technique with several of my clients pets. Everything has a frequency and if your pet has fleas and ticks, it is resonating with the same frequency that fleas and ticks are attracted to. After a session, clients reported a reduction of fleas and ticks. I suggest doing several sessions until you no longer notice fleas and ticks.

These are just a few resources that I’m aware of, I’m sure there are others. These are natural ways of dealing with the issue of fleas and ticks. You can try one or use a combination of all of these for prevention. Become more involved in the health of your pet, try natural solutions first. Fluffy will love you for it. Feel free to contact me here or through Facebook.

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 Natural Solutions for Flea & Tick Problems
PinExt Natural Solutions for Flea & Tick Problems

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