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by Teresa Smith on September 9, 2013

DSC01806 Version 2 258x300 Natural Products for AnimalsThe other day I went to the pet store with a friend. We both needed to pick up some pet food for our cats. As I was wandering down the isle, I saw a woman cuddling a small kitten against her chest. Well, you know me and cats… I had to go check it out. I often see a lot of dogs in this store, but never a cat. It was so small, so cute. I noticed a spot on it’s forehead, but didn’t ask at the time what it was.

As we talked, she said she was hunting for a good product for the kitten to eat. She told me that she had just rescued it. Apparently someone had put it in a pipe of some sort and it had been trapped for several days. It was on campus at the college here in town. Many students had been hearing the mews for days, but could not locate the little fellow. Finally, someone did. The spot on it’s forehead… a cigarette burn.

My first thought was, how could someone do something so evil to such a small, defenseless, beautiful creature. I wish I had asked to take a picture. He was a tabby and I love tabbies. He was just so stinking adorable!  The burn will eventually heal and hopefully the trauma of the whole ordeal will too. It’s just heartbreaking in my opinion that anyone could do such a thing to an animal. Luckily there are people out in this world who see an animal in need and they don’t turn their backs, but lend a hand.

I talked to the woman and suggested some products that might help the kitten. I don’t know whether she’ll take my advice, but I hope so. I think it would help the little one.  Many of you know that I took in a cat several years ago that was near death. I thought she was just a kitten, but it turned out she was over two years old, she was just very malnourished. Bella is so much better today. It took some time, treating her holistically, but I think it was easier on her body.

Some great products to have on hand if you’ve found an abandoned or hurt animal… give them organic baby food instead of some of the pet foods. It’s easier for them to digest. It gives them good nourishment, but it’s gentler on their bodies. Think about it. What do you eat when you’re sick… steak?  No, you eat things that are easier for your stomach to handle. Same thing with animals. Organic baby food is easier on them. I chose Sweet Potatoes and Chicken by Earths Best. Bella loved it.  Find a good quality probiotic and give them small amounts. There are several on the market for pets. I used my human grade probiotic and sprinkled 1/4th of a capsule on Bella’s food. Rescue Remedy for Pets is  a great homeopathic to have on hand for trauma and general well being of pets. I use this for several things. It helps when an animal has been through a trauma, it helps with stress and with introducing animals to each other. It helps calm an animal when there are fireworks, loud noises, or during car rides. Silverbiotics, I mentioned this in a recent post. It’s great for cuts, scratches, chewing, etc. It’s a natural antibiotic. It would be a great product to use on the cigarette burn the kitten had. Some animals do well with essential oils. I’ve put Peace & Calming from Young Living on myself and it’s calmed animals around me.

Those are just a few of the great, natural products for animals that I use. Try these products or discover some of your own and feel free to come back and mention them here.  God gave us the gift of animals. We need to take care of them the best we can.

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 Natural Products for Animals
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