Miracles Still Happen

by Teresa Smith on February 10, 2014

DSC09859 300x225 Miracles Still HappenHave you ever wondered whether miracles still happen? Since a child, I’ve heard the different stories of the bible… the parting of the Red Sea, three men being thrown into a fiery furnace and living, Daniel and the lions den. Every once in a while you hear a story and you think … ‘that was a miracle!’

I was in a situation years ago. I was headed to a book study with some friends and I was running late. I was driving faster than I should have been and came upon a blind hill. When I crested the hill, I realized there were cars stopped in front of me. Time seemed to stand still. I remember thinking, ‘I’m gone, who do I choose to go with me… the car in front of me or the car coming towards me.’ Suddenly, I heard ‘no one’ and I closed my eyes and turned the steering wheel to the right so that I would crash my car into a bunch of trees. As my car skidded off the pavement, I felt it gently being lifted and it settled beneath the trees, not hitting a single one. I was bracing for the impact, but there was none. I opened my eyes, looked around, drove back onto the pavement and headed towards my book study… thinking, I’m still alive, I’m still needed and useful, I have a purpose and I need to figure out what that is.

I’m sure I’ve had other moments in my life that I can call miraculous, but that event really stood out in my life. This week, I experienced another miracle. My brother has been living with me for several years. On Tuesday evenings he usually goes to workout and doesn’t get home until 8:30 or 9pm. I had stayed at work a little late Tuesday evening. My cousin and I were headed out. I was in front of her and she called me on my cell, asking if I was really going to turn and try to pull up on the interstate. I noticed the backup in traffic, so she allowed me to pull in front of her and we both took the backroads to our homes. I wondered what happened on the interstate. I assumed there had been a wreck. I got home and did my usual. I had dinner prepped and ready for when my brother came home. Around 9pm I received a phone call. It was my brother, he started off the conversation with… ‘before I say anything, I want you to know I’m alright.’ Raise your hand if you believe any conversation is going to be good when it starts out in this manner!

He proceeded to tell me that he was in the hospital emergency room. He had been in a really bad wreck. He didn’t remember where he was when the wreck happened. He knew they had to cut him out of his car. Oddly enough, the hospital discharged him that evening. I hadn’t seen the car, but I thought being cut out of a car, it had to be bad. My older brother and I picked him up at the hospital. One abrasion on his right shin. That was it. The CT scan showed no broken bones. Even though no bruises have come up, it seems he does have some bruised ribs or muscular issue in his upper left abdomen. He was told to come home and shower off without scrubbing, to wash off all of the glass. I even found glass in the pockets of the pants that were cut off in the emergency room.

Wednesday, I went to the impound lot to try to recover his personal belongings because forecasters were predicting rain. When I was shown the car, I was shocked. Maybe I still am. How my brother made it out alive from the wreckage, I’ll never know. He still has no memory of what happened and maybe it’s a good thing.

I recovered his bible which was in the seat behind him and a jacket. That’s it. That’s all I could see, all I could get to. The rest was just twisted metal. I looked at the car and just could not comprehend how he physically looks ok. The only thing I do know is that God put protection around him during the whole event. My brother has never been sore, no stiffness, just the spasms or pain in his abdomen. I started doing energetic techniques like TAT, giving homeopathic remedies and applying essential oils to him as soon as he came home. Hopefully those have helped.

We found out later from the police report that he was moving slowly or had come to a stop due to the backup on the interstate during rush hour traffic. He was hit from behind by a large truck, not a tractor trailer, but similar in size. The impact sent him possibly sideways into an SUV that was in front of him. and that started a 5 car, chain reaction accident. After he hit the SUV, he was hit again on the drivers side by the large truck.

We saw on Facebook where people that came upon the wreck were all praying for the parties involved because the scene was so horrific. Luckily, no one died in the accident. My brother and another person were the only ones taken to the hospital.

When trying to get my brother’s personal items out of the car, he was upset that we couldn’t get to them and I understand, I would feel the same way. We were able to go back to the car over the weekend and find a few more items which was great.

Looking back, I’m happy we got his bible. I knew that was the most important thing to my brother. For me, my older brother, for  family and friends… the most important thing that came out of that car was my brother, David… Alive. Do Miracles still happen? Yes!

Blessings throughout the coming week

 Miracles Still Happen
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velma February 12, 2014 at 3:01 pm

I am incredibly grateful to God, the Angels, and Your parents whom I imagine were involved n some way. I pray for u both. Xox for continuing faithful protection a nd p eace.


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