No Looking Back

by Teresa Smith on June 23, 2014

DSC09323 300x225 No Looking Back OK… I admit it. I did a bad thing while driving the other day. No, I wasn’t putting on makeup, I wasn’t texting… none of that. I was driving down a road near my home and saw a sign posted the opposite direction of how I was driving. I looked in my rear view mirror, but couldn’t see the sign. So what did I do? I turned completely around in my seat to see what the sign was about and almost ran off the road!

Was the sign really that important? No. Was it a matter of life or death? No. Would I possibly see the sign in the next few days, driving towards the sign? Yes. Did I have a really good reason, well… did I have a reason at all for looking back and almost driving off the road endangering myself and others. No.

I knew it wasn’t a good idea and did it anyway. Why? Don’t we tend to do that in life. We do things all of the time that we know isn’t the best for us, but we do it anyway. Are we stubborn or we just want to do things our way, no matter what the outcome. I know I’ve done it more than once. Think about the relationships you’ve gotten into or stayed in. How about the jobs you’ve stayed in or maybe an item you HAD to purchase. Sometimes we live in the past. Looking back at who we used to be. We might not forgive ourselves or others for events that have happened over the years.

Truth is… the past, is the past. Is there really a need to look back? There is nothing that can change the past. We can change how we perceive the past, but the actual past can’t be changed.

There’s a technique that I use and I love one of the statements. ‘It happened and it’s over, I’m OK and I can relax now and I no longer have to resonate, connect or identify with that any more. I can choose not to.’

Stop looking in the rear view mirror. Let go of the past, no looking back!  Focus on what’s ahead of you… maybe a new path. A new path of forgiveness and new choices  Let go of the past and any negative voices that tell you to look back. Move forward and embrace your future.

Blessings throughout the coming week

 No Looking Back
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