Live A Life Of Intention

by Teresa Smith on August 5, 2013

DSC02126 300x225 Live A Life Of Intention You never know the outcome when you meet people. Some people are just acquaintances and you might never meet them again. Others may become good friends. We never know. Even those people that you briefly meet, might observe something you do and it possibly could change their life.

I had a friend that stopped by a market a few weeks ago. All she wanted was a couple of squash for dinner. She didn’t have any money on her, but she did have her debit card. She tried to purchase the squash with her debit card, however there was a $5 limit on purchases with debit cards. She decided to step by and let the lady behind her check out while she looked for something else to purchase. She noticed the lady behind her only had onions to purchase. She asked the lady if she could pay for her onions and the woman accepted. She was doing a favor for the lady, but she was also doing a favor for herself. The lady left happy, my friend left happy, and who knows how many observers left happy.

Last year I was headed to Orlando for a seminar. I went looking on Facebook for anyone that was headed to the same seminar and found someone from California. I checked her out a little and realized she also had a passion for essential oils. I was looking for someone I could relate to with over 200 people attending the seminar. I decided to message the woman. We exchanged numbers and had dinner twice while in Orlando. It was nice having dinner with someone instead of sitting in my room alone.  It’s coming up on a year since I met the woman at the seminar. We’ve still remained friends through Facebook. Recently she was having some issues with her neck. I talked her through a session on Facebook and it seemed to be beneficial to her. Tuesday evening we met up on Skype and did a session on behalf of her dog, Pierre. I rarely do sessions on Skype, but it was kinda fun because Pierre was with her. He laid calmly down beside her the whole time we were working together. He wasn’t sleeping, he just seemed relaxed and calm. Time will tell with Pierre as to the outcome of our session, but I just thought how a seminar brought us together and possibly helped Pierre. I’m excited to think that I could have played a beneficial part in an animals’ life.

Would you change anything in your life if you knew the world was listening to your words or watching your actions. Would you live more intentional. Don’t just go through life, numbed by the world. Live a life of intention. Become aware of people. Are you mindful of how you speak and what you do. You might never know the outcome, but I guarantee it will be worth it.

Blessings throughout your week

 Live A Life Of Intention
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