Leave Them With Your Sparkle

by Teresa Smith on November 17, 2014

DSC08184 225x300 Leave Them With Your SparkleI’m not sure when it happened. It must have been several years ago. I love bling. I love shiny. I love sparkle.  I’ve got several rings that I love and one particular outfit I’ve dubbed my ‘bling’ blouse. My bling blouse has little sequins randomly placed all over it. I’m not sure how many sequins were originally on the outfit, but I’ve lost quite a few to date.

I’ve found them in my car, at work and today I found one at place I frequent. After I got over the embarrassment that I’m finding sequins off my clothing every where… I began thinking how we all leave pieces of ourselves with the people we meet and the places we visit. We can share as much as we wish or receive as much as we wish.

We take life for granted and don’t realize how each interaction with others is special. With each interaction, we leave a piece of ourselves. We can leave a good impression or a negative one.

Choose to sparkle, choose to shine. When people are reminded of you, know without a shadow of doubt, their memory contains positive thoughts of you.  Realize that every time you meet someone, you have a chance to make a great impression.  You never know who is watching and how you might be affecting their life. Leave them with your sparkle.

Blessings throughout the coming week,

 Leave Them With Your Sparkle
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