by Teresa Smith on July 8, 2013

Lady 300x240 IntuitionIt’s been very rainy here in the last week. I heard on the news last night that we’ve already surpassed our normal average of rain for the year. Several of the cities around the area had to cancel their firework shows for the fourth because of the heavy rain. Many subdivisions and neighborhoods pool their resources and have mini firework displays on the fourth. My brother always puts his dogs in the basement or in a bedroom and turns the music up a little louder to drown out the noise from the fireworks in his neighborhood, to keep his dogs calm.  Those are some great solutions. There are also natural products on the market to help calm pets…Rescue Remedy for Pets and Thundershirts.

A good friend of my cousin uses invisible fencing for their dog, Lady. Some of the neighbors were shooting off firecrackers and fireworks on the fourth. Lady usually is taken inside during something like this, but her owners were not able to get home in time. Lady got spooked and ran away. Her owners and my cousins spent most of that rainy night searching for Lady with no luck.

I believe all of us have intuitive abilities. We’ve all had our backs to a door but knew that someone had walked in. We’ve all had someone on our mind and then they call. That’s intuition! I’ve always been interested in taking classes to broaden my knowledge and building up my intuitive skills is something that I feel is beneficial to me and the people around me.

Late Thursday, when I heard that Lady was missing, a flash went through my mind. In my minds eye I could see a dog looking scared and disoriented, it’s back was against a wall of some sort, whether a house or a shed, and there were boxes or trash cans in front. The dog was crouched down, wedged in between the trash cans and house. In my stomach I felt nervousness and fear. My head felt foggy and disoriented.  I don’t know if I was tapping in on Lady, but it felt like it. The next morning, I was with my cousin and her husband came walking in the door. He asked if we had heard anything new on Lady. We hadn’t. When he asked the question, again I saw a flash of a dog wandering in a heavily wooded area, walking uphill. I focused on the picture I had seen of Lady and began talking to her in my head. I told her that she could remain calm, she knew her way home, she was going to be ok and back home soon.

Around 4pm I decided to head over to the area in which Lady was missing. I decided to start below the ridge on which her home was located. In my gut, I kept feeling like it was a waste of time being where I was. It didn’t feel right. I kept hearing UP, UP in my head. There were a couple of churches located a little higher on the ridge, I drove there. It felt better, but still not right. I then decided to go to the exact street address. As I was driving up and down the street, it felt better being up on top of the ridge. I felt like I was playing that kids game of hot and cold. As I neared one end of the street, the further I got from Lady’s home, the heavier I felt. I sat in a cul-de-sac talking on the phone with Lady’s owner. I felt lighter in the area I was parked. My cousin pulled up behind me. He had been searching the neighborhood also.  As we pulled out of the cul-de-sac to go down the opposite direction, again, the further I got from the home, the heavier I got.

I resisted what I was feeling and decided to keep combing the area. I was heading down the ridge to where I originally started looking for Lady and suddenly my phone rang. It was my cousin. He said that Lady had come home and that she had come from the direction of the cul-de-sac. Something inside of me wanted to drive back to the house and meet her… so, I did

She was wet, she smelled badly, she was filthy… but she was happy and she was home! It was good to see her so happy. It was good to have a happy ending to the story. I do feel like I was connecting with her. I feel like the lightness and the heaviness was her guiding me. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is she found her way back home. Many times our pets never do. I heard that on the fifth of July, most shelters are overrun with animals due to the Independence Day celebrations.

It’s sad to hear, but hopefully anyone missing an animal, checked their local shelters and have been happily reunited with their four legged member of the family.

When events happen, trust your intuition. Ask yourself questions. Do the answers feel light or heavy. All your answers may not be correct, but in doing so… you are exercising those intuitive muscles. Be open to feeling the answers, don’t judge anything.

I’m so glad Lady’s story had a happy ending, it made my day! I laid in bed that night, felt good, and thanked God for guiding Lady home.

Blessings throughout your week

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