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by Teresa Smith on December 12, 2011

I was talking with a friend of mine this afternoon. I was discussing with her what another friend of mine stated the other day. The statement my friend made was that he was in his mid 50′s and he had already lived longer than he would continue to live. My friend Regina was stunned at what he said and stated how depressing that statement was. Regina is many years younger than I and OK… I’ll admit it, I’ve thought the same thing as this male friend of mine stated concerning age. One thing that he added to the thought, was how fast time flies and to think that 56 years had gone by so fast and how little time he had left if time continues to fly.

I realize I cannot focus on things like that. If I did, I would become very depressed. Being 51 myself, it does amaze me how I got here so quickly. I will say… at 51, I don’t complain about my health, aches, and pains as much as many people my age. I am, however, continuously working on bringing my body into harmony with the foods I eat, my environment, and my body itself.

I’m blessed to have worked for a former nurse who went into holistic therapies. She changed my thoughts completely about health and healthcare. I think it’s hard for people in general to understand the concept that I believe in. I use the words sensitivities and allergies all of the time in my work. However, my definition of these two words are disharmony. I believe… actually, I saw, after treating the body holistically for sensitivities or allergies, this ‘disharmony’ went away. The body started processing the item, parts, whatever we treated… correctly. I think many people have forgotten the concept that our bodies are wonderful pieces of work and if given the chance, our bodies know how to heal.

There are many techniques out there to assist the body in balance and harmony, but I like TAT, Tapas Acupressure Technique. You can easily go to the website at www.TATLife.com and download the instructions. The thing is, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to learn this technique. Put your attention on a subject, it’s simple, it’s easy… 9 steps and your done. I believe what’s difficult, is that as a society, we believe that everything has to be hard, a struggle, take forever.

If something was free and easy… why would you not at least check it out? Yes, you can learn TAT on your own. Yes, you can have great success just as I did. Yes, there are many great TAT professionals out there. What do I bring that’s different from many of the other professionals?  My beliefs, my experiences, my successes. I go where others may not go, I dare to try new concepts, I believe.

Check out TAT, check me out, or leave me a comment here. I’ll answer any questions you have to the best of my ability. There’s a new year just around the corner. Do something good for yourself, your family. Learn something new, try a new concept.

Blessings in the coming week

 I Believe
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