by Teresa Smith on October 13, 2013

Mountains 300x231 FocusA friend was heading over to the beach this week. She asked us to pray for her because she didn’t like going over the mountains. Several people spoke up and talked of how they hated driving over the mountains because they are so curvy and tractor trailers along with others, fly through a stretch of road that called ‘The Gorge’. I love to drive. I’ve driven through many parts of the United States, but I too, am not fond of driving through The Gorge. If you could enjoy the scenery, it would be wonderful. It’s breathtaking… especially in the Spring and Fall.  However, if you’re trying to drive the speed limit while others are flying by… it’s a little unnerving.

Once, I drove through The Gorge alone. I even questioned going on my trip because I really didn’t want to go it by myself. I knew I would feel panicky if I wasn’t prepared, if I didn’t have something else to focus on. I went out and purchased a group of inspirational cd’s.  Oddly, several people today mentioned having inspirational music with them to take their mind off of the trip. For me, music wasn’t enough. I had to really focus and listen to what was being said. I headed out that Saturday morning with cd’s in hand. When I began my trek through the mountains, I lost radio signals anyway. At first I was a little stressed, but as I focused on the words being said I became calmer. Actually I was amazed when I saw signs that I was nearing Asheville and I was out of The Gorge. The time seemed much shorter than before.

I realized today, in listening to everyone in their suggestions, I learned something that day driving across the mountains. First… be prepared.  If you realize certain things bother you, don’t just give in and get stressed. Plan ahead. Have a backup plan, strategies to help you get through the stress. Ask yourself what you can do to take away some, if not all, of the stress of the situation.  Secondly… Take your focus off of your problem. My problem was driving through The Gorge and the speeding traffic. When I put my attention to something that was positive, like listening to inspirational or self improvement cd’s, I took my focus off of the stressors.

You can use these strategies in all sorts of stressful situations. If you’re more introverted and you have to be in front  of people or attend large meetings. De-stress on your way to the event with uplifting music and then find one thing that you can put your focus or attention on that will help you get beyond the stress.  Take your attention off of the fear and focus on something good, something positive.

My fear was the mountain, I took my attention off of the drive and focused on positive, uplifting information that could benefit my life. Take your eyes off of what you fear most and focus on the good. Focus on what could be, focus on the positive, focus on what you know to be truth. You’ll soon find that those mountains… those fears… can be conquered.

Blessings throughout your week

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