by Teresa Smith on December 22, 2014

DSC08616 300x238 DandelionsI was in my front yard, looking at the sky yesterday afternoon when I noticed a dandelion. One little dandelion in the midst of my brownish green grass. As I looked around on this first day of winter, I noticed all of the leaves had fallen off of my trees and the lifeless looking grass. We sometimes think of animals hibernating during the winter. Well, I feel the color of the earth goes into hibernation too. Gone are the vibrant colors of spring, summer and fall. We now are in the season of neutrals with shades of brown and gray.

With all of that gray and brown surrounding me, that little vibrant dandelion really ‘popped’ into my view.  Some would just see a weed. I saw happiness. Even though every thing else in sight was dull and lifeless, here was a little dandelion blooming with sunshine.

While most people see dandelions as weeds, there are plenty of benefits of dandelions. Dandelions supply pollen and nectar to bees and they are also considered an herb that helps with digestive issues, inflammation, viral infections and even cancer. Dandelions can be used in salad greens, soups, teas and as a coffee substitute.

Next time you notice a dandelion, don’t judge it as a weed. See the beauty of a flower, remember the playfulness of blowing the seeds in the air, the value to bees and other insects and the remedies created for health.

Too many times we tend to judge items, people and places in life.  We might feel better and more at peace when we sit back and revel in the differences and beauty of those things.

As this year comes to a close, I challenge you to find more beauty in life in the coming year. You’ll be a happier if you do.

Blessings throughout the coming week,

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