Change is Coming

by Teresa Smith on October 29, 2012

I love getting together with family. As many of you know, my brother and I, join up with our cousins and aunt on Sunday evenings. Sometimes we go to a restaurant, sometimes we go to my cousins house. When the weather was nice, we would grill. I love grilling. Sunday night… we did NOT grill. Nope… uh… it was only 45 degrees outside. Yes, I’m complaining. I know 45 is not that bad, but when you are used to basking in upper 70’s and low 80’s and the next day it’s in the 40’s, it’s a shocker.

I love wearing sandals, or even better… being barefooted! My toes love being free, being seen. I have a shiny toe ring and beautiful pink polish. Socks and shoes are too binding. So what did I wear to my cousins house tonight? Socks, shoes, long pants, a fleece sweater. What did we have for dinner? Chili !!!

Don’t get me wrong, I like chili and my cousin made some great chili Sunday night. We had pumpkin pie too and my aunt makes a wonderful pies. I guess we all needed a little comfort food due to the cold temps.

I keep thinking… I need to do a session on myself for a dislike of colder weather. I talk to people all of the time about changing their perspectives… I should look at changing my own perspective concerning cold weather and Winter.

Actually, I have worked a little on it. I used to REALLY dislike Winter. I would go into a depression and just pray for Spring. It would all start around my birthday in September. I never could enjoy my birthday, I knew Fall was just around the corner. I wasn’t able to appreciate the beauty of Fall, because I knew Winter would soon be creeping in.

Today, I’m ok with my birthday. I can enjoy the gorgeous colors of Fall. I can look forward to Fall foods and Thanksgiving. I’m still uneasy and not fully accepting of cold weather and Winter, but I have come a long way when I look back on where I was.

Many of us have issues with change. It may be change of seasons, changes in our families, changes in a job situation. I found that with me, change is more easily accepted when I feel like I have some control over it. Eleven years ago, I chose to leave my job. Many co-workers were losing or had lost their job. Many of them had a hard time getting over being laid off. They experienced a feeling of being rejected. They hadn’t done anything wrong, but it felt like they had. I chose to make the change happen when I left my job. Two years ago, I lost my job. It was a totally different feeling. There was sadness and shock involved. I felt out of control. I didn’t choose that change in my life. It’s been harder to deal with. There is a rejection, what did I do wrong? I’m flawed in some way, I’m not good enough or I could have/should have been able to do something about it. I experienced some of the same emotions when my mother passed away eight years ago. Again, a change that I had no control over.

I’ve found that it’s good to focus less on what was and focus on the possibilities. That’s what TAT, Tapas Acupressure, has done for me. I may still have issues, I may not fully embrace all the changes that come my way, but I have a tool to help. Life has it’s ups and downs, but it’s how we deal with that change, how accepting we are of our circumstances, that can play into our depression or happiness. What will you choose?

Blessings in the coming week

 Change is Coming
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