Tapas Acupressure Technique

No Looking Back

by Teresa Smith on June 23, 2014

OK… I admit it. I did a bad thing while driving the other day. No, I wasn’t putting on makeup, I wasn’t texting… none of that. I was driving down a road near my home and saw a sign posted the opposite direction of how I was driving. I looked in my rear view mirror, [...]


Silent Conversations

by Teresa Smith on April 7, 2014

I’ve been working with a client lately. I love working with others. It gives me a chance to observe how complicated our bodies are. In a recent discussion, a client told me he seemed stuck doing sessions I suggested he do. I had a vision of him sitting down with a representative of certain body [...]


Purpose Without Hate and Hurt

by Teresa Smith on March 17, 2014

Many times people find their passion or purpose in life, due to a painful or hurtful event. I was just telling a couple of ladies yesterday morning about my life when I was younger. I remember being in and out of doctor offices and hospitals. Always wondering why I was having panic attacks and feeling [...]



by Teresa Smith on February 17, 2014

Many of you know that my younger brother was involved in a bad car accident last week. Thank you for all of the prayers being sent and for everyone that has helped along the way. The evening he came home from the hospital, he was having what I thought was muscle spasms. I was afraid [...]

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Miracles Still Happen

by Teresa Smith on February 10, 2014

Have you ever wondered whether miracles still happen? Since a child, I’ve heard the different stories of the bible… the parting of the Red Sea, three men being thrown into a fiery furnace and living, Daniel and the lions den. Every once in a while you hear a story and you think … ‘that was [...]

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Our Thoughts

by Teresa Smith on February 3, 2014

What thoughts are you thinking? Are you aware of the talk or chatter that you constantly create within. Sometimes we say things and we aren’t even aware of what we really said. So often we really don’t put any value on our thoughts and how they might be affecting our lives and sometimes even leading [...]


30 Days

by Teresa Smith on January 20, 2014

We’re more than half way through this first month of the new year. How are things going for you? I listen to a radio station who’s slogan states that they are positive and encouraging. Every January they ask listeners to try their station for 30 days and see if it doesn’t make a difference in [...]


Power in Prayer

by Teresa Smith on September 16, 2013

It’s been a beautiful weekend here. Crisp cool mornings and warm sunny days. It’s my kind of weather. I’m hoping these temps and beautiful blue skies will hang around for a while. Well, let’s be honest… I’d like them to hang around for at least a couple of months or more, like maybe until Thanksgiving?  [...]


One Of My Simple Solutions – Silverbiotics

by Teresa Smith on August 19, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I was at my cousins house. She’s a dog lover. Her handsome fellow is Reese. She was busy so I took him out for a walk and uh… you know… a little relief. We got back inside the house and I noticed a small knot on his back near his [...]


Live A Life Of Intention

by Teresa Smith on August 5, 2013

 You never know the outcome when you meet people. Some people are just acquaintances and you might never meet them again. Others may become good friends. We never know. Even those people that you briefly meet, might observe something you do and it possibly could change their life. I had a friend that stopped by [...]