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Your Toolbox

by Teresa Smith on October 15, 2012

I’ve been seeing a lot of butterflies lately. I thought butterflies were more seen in the Spring and Summer, not necessarily Fall. I love butterflies. They are so beautiful and delicate. They also remind me of how things change. If you’re like me, change isn’t always exciting. Sometimes it can be tough. At age 42, [...]



by Teresa Smith on October 8, 2012

We never ever know what’s going to happen in our lives. In the past several years, the only time I travel is for business trips. I find it odd that once I commit to the trip, there is a part of me that hesitates going. Sometimes it feels as if there is a war going [...]


What Do You See

by Teresa Smith on August 12, 2012

Today I heard a message and the speaker asked that everyone take a piece of paper and write down words describing themselves or just draw a simple picture of themselves. He stated that most of us focus on our negative aspects. I’m guilty as charged, especially when I think about my physical aspects. I was [...]


Create Your World

by Teresa Smith on July 16, 2012

We all know that when we see words or pictures, when we hear words or statements over and over, we remember them more, we retain those items better. Lots of people use vision boards. I used to gather with a few women and we would spend several hours listening to some great music and cutting [...]


Shining Light

by Teresa Smith on June 4, 2012

I heard a fellow make a comment about a geode today. He was talking about how on the outside of the geode, it just looked like a rock, but on the inside it was beautiful. I’ll have to say that do own a geode or two, I have quite a bit of a stone collection. [...]


Pushing Through the Fear

by Teresa Smith on March 12, 2012

I woke up today, not feeling too great. My stomach was a little queasy. I was trying to make the best of it. I was headed out the door, when one of my cats got ill and lost everything she had just eaten. I stopped and cleaned up the mess, said I loved her, and [...]


New and Improved

by Teresa Smith on February 20, 2012

Monday morning, a week ago, I woke up cold. It was unusual being cold. I’ve got a thermostat and it allows me to keep my house comfortable all year long. Not too cold, not too hot. I…was cold. I got up, stumbled to the thermostat and saw it was 61 degrees. It should have be [...]


It’s Not You

by Teresa Smith on January 30, 2012

As we go through life, there is no way to avoid life’s bumps and bruises. I look back on my life. I had several health issues growing up, broken bones, a car accident that led to back surgery at twenty-eight, both parents passing away by age forty-four, and learning that the business I had worked [...]


We All Need A Helping Hand

by Teresa Smith on January 23, 2012

As many of you know, I get with a couple of friends every Sunday night and we do a collective TAT, Tapas Acupressure Technique, session on behalf of ourselves and each other. Tonight we were missing our friend from Boston. It’s amazing how long we’ve been getting together, but things always seem a little sad [...]

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Photos of Life

by Teresa Smith on December 19, 2011

For so many, the holidays bring on stress, sadness, frustration. I admit, at times I fall into this pattern during the holidays. I miss my parents. Christmas seemed more as Christmas should be when they were alive. I remember trying to find that special gift for mom and dad, something they would really like. Somehow [...]