Natural Solutions for Allergies

I Believe

by Teresa Smith on December 12, 2011

I was talking with a friend of mine this afternoon. I was discussing with her what another friend of mine stated the other day. The statement my friend made was that he was in his mid 50′s and he had already lived longer than he would continue to live. My friend Regina was stunned at [...]


No Limits

by Teresa Smith on July 11, 2011

I was doing a TAT session on a friend of mine recently.  She had been experiencing pain for quite some time now and tried several modalities and decided to give TAT a shot at it. We went into the session, not really knowing where it would lead us.We began our session working on any sensitivities [...]


Beautiful Music

by Teresa Smith on May 30, 2011

Well, it’s Memorial Day weekend.  Even though Memorial Day was created as a day of observance for those who died while serving in the military, most people look at this weekend as the official start of Summer, family vacations, and the Indianapolis 500. Honestly, it feels as if Summer started a month ago.  We’ve had [...]


Seasonal Allergies And How They Can Affect You

by Teresa Smith on March 28, 2011

Here in the Southeast, things have begun to bloom, although we are still having quite a few cold days and nights.  I’m ready for sunny and 70 degrees, now! Yeh, that’s it… sunny and 70′s for at least the next four months.  Spring doesn’t seem to come to soon for me or linger on enough [...]


Home Sweet Home

by Teresa Smith on March 1, 2011

I met up with an old friend this past week.  She wanted me to talk to a co-worker concerning the work that I do.  As we sat talking, I was reminiscing on how so much of my journey started. Actually the old friend was a former co-worker of mine. When I was having all of [...]


Just Believe

by Teresa Smith on December 27, 2010

One of my favorite things to do on Christmas Eve is attending the Candlelight Service at the church I grew up in. It’s an hour long service that starts at 11pm and it ends with everyone raising candles high and singing Silent Night. It’s a beautiful sight to see. The sanctuary is completely darkened with [...]


The Purpose of this Blog

by Teresa Smith on January 18, 2010

I want to share with everyone the purpose of my blog.  As I spoke earlier, I believe we are all on a journey.  Sometimes we feel stuck in our journey.  Been there, done that!  My feelings are that when we feel stuck, it’s because we are holding onto thoughts, patterns, or beliefs that just aren’t [...]