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Out with the Old, In with the New

by Teresa Smith on January 5, 2015

It’s the beginning of a new year. Out with the old and in with the new. Don’t we all wish it could be that easy. Don’t you wish that with the each new year, new month or even each new day… you could fully let go of things that don’t serve you anymore and embrace [...]


The Puzzle

by Teresa Smith on December 29, 2014

Wow. It’s so hard for me to believe that another year has come and gone. I know time seems to go by faster and faster the older we get, but trying to recall 2014, just seems to be a big blur. There are a few things that stand out for me. I realize it’s almost [...]



by Teresa Smith on December 22, 2014

I was in my front yard, looking at the sky yesterday afternoon when I noticed a dandelion. One little dandelion in the midst of my brownish green grass. As I looked around on this first day of winter, I noticed all of the leaves had fallen off of my trees and the lifeless looking grass. [...]



by Teresa Smith on December 15, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine told me about a park that is an hour and a half away. The park had wolves, otters, raptors and a planetarium. This place sounded like a great road trip for the day so I headed out in my car with a friend Saturday morning to [...]


A Work of Art

by Teresa Smith on December 8, 2014

I’m always looking at things when I’m driving. Now don’t be upset. It’s not that I’m not paying attention to my driving and I’m all over the road. I am…taking in everything I see. I notice the trees, thinking that some look more powerful and stronger than others. Some trees have character. I notice colors [...]



by Teresa Smith on December 1, 2014

I hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving. It’s nice to be away from our regular work routines.  However, if you were like me…you traded one type of work for another. Wednesday night I was up cooking until… well, it was Thursday morning around 1:30am. I was fortunate to sleep in a little, but then hit the kitchen [...]



by Teresa Smith on November 24, 2014

I amazed that the holidays are upon us. We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving later this week and Christmas in a month. During this time, I always like to look back through the year of what I’m thankful for. I guess the big thing that stands out this year is that my brother came out of a [...]


Leave Them With Your Sparkle

by Teresa Smith on November 17, 2014

I’m not sure when it happened. It must have been several years ago. I love bling. I love shiny. I love sparkle.  I’ve got several rings that I love and one particular outfit I’ve dubbed my ‘bling’ blouse. My bling blouse has little sequins randomly placed all over it. I’m not sure how many sequins were [...]



by Teresa Smith on November 10, 2014

When you love photographing nature, it’s rough to sit inside an office working on a beautiful, sunny day knowing the weather forecasters are predicting blustery gray skies for the weekend. The past few Saturday’s have been just like that. I’ve been heading up to the mountains every time I can, to capture the beauty of [...]

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Plan C

by Teresa Smith on November 3, 2014

Sometimes you have an idea or plan and things don’t work out the way you planned… but better. That happened to me this weekend. A few weeks ago I went to the mountains with hopes of capturing the beauty of fall. At the time, the leaves hadn’t really started to change, so I was excited [...]

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