Baby Steps

by Teresa Smith on January 21, 2013

This week we had our first snow of the year. The forecasters were predicting some snow, but around here, it’s a wait and see kind of weather. I know so many people that were just hoping and praying for snow. Uh, I was not in that group of people. I was hoping and praying for sunshine. Within a few days we had received over eight inches of rain. It just seems as if we’ve been under cloud cover since Thanksgiving.

Thursday, it was pouring down rain, I had just finished lunch with a friend and then I headed next door to the grocery store. Not because I was packing my pantry for the upcoming snowfall. Don’t laugh, people around here seem to do that. No, I just hadn’t been to the store for a while and needed a few fresh veggies. I lost track of time while in the store and as I approached the checkout counter, I could see huge flakes were actually falling from the sky. I thought, no big deal, the forecasters got it right, we were experiencing some snow by early afternoon. As I headed out the door I slipped and almost fell in the parking lot. In just the small amount of time I was in the store, the parking lot had become slushy and slippery. As I walked to the car, I kept saying… ‘baby steps, baby steps… just take small baby steps and you’ll get there without falling.’

I got to my car, threw the groceries in the trunk and headed home slowly. I made it home ok. It became a total mess outside. One moment it was snowing, the next sleeting, then snow again. I even heard thunder several times. I talked with my family members and several of my friends since, and many of them were stuck on the road for over three hours, but they did get home safely. We ended up with a little over four inches and I’ll have to admit when everything is blanketed in white, it is beautiful. I was doing some photography before it got dark and everything was so pristine, it was so quiet, it was lovely.

Over the weekend, the temps were in the 50’s and the sun came out. I decided it was such a beautiful day, that I wanted to head south of here and do some photography on a place called Bald River Falls. I figured it would be spectacular with all of the rain we’ve had this past week. I called up a friend and she, my brother and I headed out right after lunch on Sunday. As we approached the falls, which can be seen by car, we could see the mist blowing across the bridge. It was amazing! The gushing of the water and the roaring of the falls. We parked the car and I tried taking some photos. It became difficult because of the amount of mist that was blowing off of the falls. I kept clearing my lens on the camera.

My brother and friend both wanted to hike up to the top of the falls. I wasn’t crazy about the idea because I figured it would be quite slippery and we’re talking about a small path on the side of a mountain with a small cable as a handrail. In my mind I kept thinking… ‘baby steps, baby steps… just take small baby steps and you’ll get there without falling.’ My friend had boots on and my brother had tennis shoes. I had my normal everyday shoes. We made it to the top and repeatedly my friend gave me some assistance by lending me a hand to either pull me up or help me down an area. When we reached the top, I was glad I had decided to hike on up. It is a beautiful site from the top of the falls. When we have mountains before us, some times we stare at the mountains and say… I can’t do it. The mountain is too big. I’m not able. I’ll stumble, I’ll fall. Someone else more skilled, more qualified should tackle that mountain. Someone who has trained and done it before should take on that mountain. We don’t realize that WE can DO this. If we would just think… ‘baby steps, baby steps… just take baby steps and well get there without falling.’ Maybe we’ll even have a friend that will lend us a helping hand. It’s possible, we aren’t supposed to go full force into that mountain, but we’re to take the small steps and just continue to move forward. The next time you’re confronted with a mountain, take small steps and just continue moving forward… eventually, you’ll get there. The view will probably be worth it.

Blessings in the coming week.

 Baby Steps
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