Avocados and Lavender, A Perfect Combination

by Teresa Smith on May 2, 2013

YLEOLavender 270x300 Avocados and Lavender, A Perfect CombinationI love essential oils. I love Young Living essential oils. As a therapist, I had heard of their benefits, but thought… oils are oils. I can purchase great oils in the local store. Sometimes it takes an incident to make you think differently about an item.

Yes, I had an incident and I’m glad I had my Young Living oils to help out. The plot and players…. me, a Sunday evening, an avocado, a knife. Need I say more?  I cut the avocado in half and then cupped the avocado in the palm of my left hand while I put the knife to the seed, to pop the seed out. Needless to say, the avocado slipped out of my hand and I drove the knife into it. There was a strange sound when the knife entered my hand and I began having a ‘nervy’ tingling sensation. At the moment, I was a little traumatized by what I had done. This was not my first knife incident. Years ago I sliced the tip end of my first finger, but that’s another story.

I pulled out the knife, rinsed the wound, and then began applying pressure to it. I also put some tea leaves in a damp paper towel and placed that on top of the wound. It took about an hour to stop the bleeding completely. I kept it bandaged that evening and the next morning I began putting Young Living Lavender essential oil on the wound. I used the lavender at least twice a day for almost a week and the wound healed completely. Not even a scar. 

I use lavender daily. It’s just one of the oils I use on my face before applying my makeup. If I get a cut or scratch, I grab my lavender. Occasionally, I’ll put a few drops on my hand and then rub it through my hair to freshen it since I don’t wash my hair daily. I’m sure there are unlimited uses for lavender. It’s one of my favorites.  Give it a try and let me know if it becomes one of yours.

Blessings in your week

 Avocados and Lavender, A Perfect Combination
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